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This Weeks Show:  Under Construction

In cast you missed our show on Sunday (9 am, WTDY 1670), here is our Webcast available for you online 24/7.  To play, click the arrow pointing right.  Please adjust the volume with your computer's volume control.

Under construction
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Podcast/RSS Feed:  Under Construction

Listen Hear! Podcast/RSS FeedCan't listen Sunday Mornings at 9 am, WTDY 1570 am?  Keeping up on our show is easy if you use your computer to download each new show as it becomes available online.  Our podcast (RSS) feed will notify you when a new show has been uploaded.  For more information about how this works, please CLICK HERE!

To see our podcast feed, just click on the podcast/RSS icon above on the right.  Most of today's updated browsers let you subscribe directly from their address bars, though you can also subscribe using a small specialized program called an "aggregator"

Archive of Previous Shows:  Under Construction

Each week we talk about and celebrate the different ways people make a difference supporting children, families, teens, and young adults.  Below are links to our shows from weeks past.

Please click on the link you would like to hear and the program file (mp3)will download and "pop-up" in your computer's media player.  If your browser isn't set up to match streaming audio with an appropriate player, you can still listen to our show by right-clicking and saving any of these MP3 files